Frequently Asked Questions

We pride ourselves on light and frequent carpet cleanings. Of course, we handle the tuff jobs and we are great at those too. Our bulk of the business comes from high-frequency repeat customers that use us like a “house cleaner” We have designed this service and it’s an Eco-Clean Exclusive. We have packages that you choose for the level of cleaning you want. There are no high-pressure sales and we only ask that you frequently use us! We will always offer you are very lowest prices starting, at $79 for a single story up to 1200 sq feet. We’ve sold more than 40k making this our number one most popular cleaning package. Use Eco-Clean for knowing our industry and making sure it’s done right the first time, fast and efficient!

Fairly easy, more than 2 times a year for sure. If you have kids or animals then 4 or 5 times a year is fine too. Our most common customers are 3 and 4 times a year, no contract and our lowest prices!

Yes, we always recommend vacuuming a day or two at least before we arrive.

There are 2 times when we will recommend this. If your animal has marked in that room and the furniture is in the way. Also if you have recently (since your last carpet cleaning), rearranged the furniture, then yes clear the room. We are best at cleaning foot traffic and walked on areas. If your couch is always there then please leave it. The dust under a couch should be vacuumed a couple of times a year with a standard vacuum cleaner. 

It depends on the carpet type and also the conditions of the area we are cleaning.  We always say 24 hours but in many cases, it’s far less.

This is so common and so popular Eco-Clean has an exclusive package you won’t find anywhere else. We call it “Split Level” and we charge you only for what we are cleaning even though are prices are based on single or two-story homes. We also have a split level pricing that includes the cleaning of the stairs and starts at $139. Schedule today!

Yes, 100% of the time. If you’re not happy with our service just call and we will come right back out to make sure your 100% completely satisfied. We are human and we do have to go back sometimes, but how we handle these situations is unparalleled to any other carpet cleaning company and that’s a promise! 

It kills on contact within 2 minutes, and it has a shelf life of 7 days. It will stop the multiplication of growing virus cells during this period of time. We offer 1 time fogging or regular fogging weekly or monthly for Day Cares, Gyms, Churches, and  Auto dealerships. This service is extremely popular during the re-opening of California. Eco Clean services we’re used during COVID-19 for multiple government safety contracts.

Eco Clean uses Truck-mounted vans. They are strong and serviced by our mechanic to assure they are producing and working in peak performance.

Yes, they are! We use a detergent that has a light fresh smell. Extremely popular and well-liked by thousands of customers. Most of the chemicals are made from renewable resources like plants. They are highly effective but so easy on the environment!

Please always call us as each place is so different. 916-905-3261 The short is most of the time we can clean and apartment! Yes, there is a commercial charge of $40 applied to all apartments. They are considered commercial and not residential and have restrictions that we often workaround. 

Most days same day service is offered at no additional charges. Just call bright and early and well get you in 🙂

We get this one a lot. We only care about the square footage for the actual carpet surface. So if you’re house is 1900 sq feet and you only have 1100 sq ft of carpet on the inside you are fine and qualify for the $79 high-frequency deal. 

We ask for a window of time to arrive so that we can complete bigger jobs if they should arise. We usually arrive at the top of the hour, but we always call 30 minutes prior to arriving with a firm ETA for your house.