What makes Eco Clean different and why do so many people make the switch forever?

Fact #1: Use our Deep Cleaning or Restoration / Pet Package, and Eco Clean will come back and use our standard cleaning as many times as you like! Our most common is 5 times a year between these deep cleanings and look just how clean your carpets will be all year long.

No need to sign a contract or pay a fee upfront. We keep all the records. Simply call us and we will charge you our standard cleaning price for the next 6 months. Yes, even if you use us 6 times, we have a deal!

You will be completely satisfied 100% of the time, we guarantee it or your money back!

*$79 Single Story Home up to 1200sq ft. includes closets / $179 Two Story Home up to 2400sq ft. includes stairs and closets.

Eco Clean Carpet and Tile Care

For the past 11 years, Eco Clean has brought you unmatched carpet and tile cleaning service with the lowest competitive pricing around.

We believe that high frequency is the key to keeping your floors and home clean. There are many benefits to the overall health of your home as well as reducing allergens. Until now, carpet cleaning was just too expensive to have serviced multiple times a year.

Our affordable pricing starts at just $79 for an entire single-story home, up to 1200 sq. ft of carpet (not house size)! This covers almost 90% of homes in the US.

We take pride in never requiring contracts or complicated agreements. Simply use Eco Clean more than twice a year and we will offer you our amazing deals and packages. If it’s been over 6-months or a year since your carpets have been cleaned, we have deep cleaning and pet packages that will address those harder issues.

Simple pricing, no up-selling and over 4 thousand 5-star reviews. You simply can’t choose a better carpet cleaning company. We guarantee our work 100% or your money back.

Services We Offer:

Whole-House 1-Story

Whole-House Carpet Cleaning for a 1-Story, best when used 4 or 5 times a year

$149 $79
60% OFF

Whole-House 2-Story

Whole-House Carpet Cleaning for a 2-Story, best when used 4 or 5 times a year

$249 $179
56% OFF

Tile-Floor Cleaning

Tile-Floor Cleaning for up to 125 sq feet, limit 1 additional sq footage priced at home

$125 $59
71% OFF

Whole-House Sanitation

CDC approved Whole-House Sanitation for a single story up to 2500 sq feet

$300 $99
67% OFF

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