Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning Methods You Probably Haven’t Heard of!

You can’t see the germs, dirt, and bacteria in your carpets, but they certainly exist.

Did you know that even the absolutely clean looking carpets in your home is a safe haven for dirt, grime, and germs?

It’s especially harmful to those who spend more time indoors – from toddlers to pets!

Whenever you enter your home, your shoes bring in a variety of pollutants.

And if you like so many others walk around your home in the same shoes that you wore outside, then the carpets are going to get dirty.

Chemical-based carpet cleaning solutions are not the only way to clean your carpets.

You can also use eco-friendly carpet cleaners.

They are completely safe and will not cause any allergies.

3 Ways to Adopt Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning Methods

  1. Research products, locate vendors and acquire the products, and then proceed with the cleaning.

  2. Call one of the best eco-friendly carpet cleaning service providers – Dri-Masters, who will take care of your carpets without harming them.

  3. DIY on your mind? Keep reading the article to know what suits you the best.

Method 1 – Hot Water Extraction

The hot water extraction method uses hot water at high pressure to penetrate into the carpet strands.

This helps dissolve and dislodge dirt and germs.

It is also known as steam carpet cleaning.

Using a cleaning agent is necessary as only water cannot do its job, it requires a subordinate agent.

There are several eco-friendly carpet cleaners in the market.

If you’re buying a carpet cleaning solution, ensure it doesn’t have perchloroethylene or naphthalene. They are toxic!

If you’re hiring a professional carpet cleaning company, ensure use only plant-based alternatives, in addition to non-toxic methods.

Why Use Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning Products?

You’ll find cleaning products that have an active plant-based cleaning agent.

4 Benefits of Using Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning Products

  1. They utilize enzymes to clean the dirt, while also remaining gentle on the pads and backings.

  2.  Don’t leave any chemical residue behind.

  3.  Contain a highly concentrated solution, which means that a minimal amount of solution is required per wash.

  4. They also act as an effective carpet cleaning shampoo alternative.

Method 2 – Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is practical and convenient.

Also known as compound cleaning, it is the latest method in the market.

Since its inception in the 80s, many cleaning mixtures have been developed by different companies, some of which are quite easy to duplicate in your kitchen.

Baking Soda as a Deodorizer

  • Spread baking soda generously on the carpet.

  • Let it sit for about 30 minutes. If you can leave it overnight, then do that.

  • Next, just vacuum the carpet.

It cleans, deodorizes the carpet and leaves behind a lovely smell.

Dry cleaning could be a misleading carpet cleaning method because the process involves the use of minimum amount of liquid and environment-friendly compounds.

But, it is the most appropriate for restorative cleaning and regular maintenance.

Schedule an appointment with one of the best carpet cleaning service – Carpet Care Eco-Clean.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Process

  • This process uses a homogeneous mixture of solvents that include a neutralizing agent, a cleaning agent and a rinsing agent.

  • They are first heated to nearly 200 degrees Fahrenheit before applying to the carpet.

  • These elements collaborate to break down dirt elements and leave your carpet sparkling clean.

3 Advantages of Dry Carpet Cleaning

  1. It saves a lot of time, which is lost in steam cleaning while drying your carpets.
  2. You are free to use your carpet instantly after it is dry-cleaned.
  3. Dry cleaning compounds are, therefore, commonly used in retail and industrial applications.

Method 3 – Shampoo as a Cleaning Agent

Shampooing the carpet is the most widely used method for cleaning.

However, one of the major disadvantages of shampoo is the wet foam residue it leaves behind, hence, taking a long time to dry.

It is subject to recontamination.

Try and get a carpet shampoo that is plant-based, with refillable substances or ingredients.


Such products ensure hard dislodging of dirt and germs while not being so hard on the carpet.

Here are a few tried and tested DIY shampoo recipes.

Method 4 – Commercial Steamer

Renting a commercial steamer or buying one for your house is a great idea as well.

If you rent one, then be sure to clean out the chamber using warm water and flush the residue away.

This cleans out any lingering chemicals and pesticides thus avoiding recirculation into your house.

Use natural cleaners that clearly say, ‘100% naturally sourced’.

Keep in Mind When Purchasing Carpet Cleaning Solutions

  • Don’t buy chemical-based cleaners containing hydroxyacetic acid and compounds such as formaldehyde.
  • When shopping for eco-friendly cleaning agent, check the ingredients always and ensure nothing is chemical-based.

Beware of Toxic Cleaners

Toxic cleaners containing glycol ether solutions such as butoxyethanol can be absorbed through the skin thereby causing poisoning.

A Quick Carpet Cleaning Tip

Using a lot of solution while carpet cleaning causes more harm than good.

However, most people feel that using a solution in a significant amount will result in even better carpet cleaning, but that’s not the truth.

If some sticky residue is left behind in the carpet fibers, then it will attract more dirt.

Eco-friendly solutions use biodegradable products that are environmentally safe to use.

The cost of storing and packaging these products is minimal as well.

No cost is passed on to the customers.

So, the next time you want to clean your carpets, instead of grabbing store-bought, chemical-based solutions, why not hire an eco-friendly carpet cleaning company?

“Author Bio

Corey L Robinson is the Co-Owner and Director of IT for Dri-Masters.

Corey has a passion for anything in the cleaning industry and enjoys sharing these experiences he has experienced over the past 30 years.”