Whole-House Sanitation Application from Eco Clean Carpet and Tile Care

Licensed technicians apply a disinfecting sanitizer to clean your home and environment; up to two stories of bacteria and harmful elements.

Eco Clean meets every single area for recommended treatment. Our truck mounted vans produce over 200 degrees of extreme high heat, and that kills everything! Combine it with a whole house sanitation application using our fogging machines, and you’re the cleanest on the block!

Everyone is working hard to get through this tough time. Please be patient and know we are busy.

Take advantage now, while supplies are available. Discounted prices on our whole house disinfecting fogging applicator!

One-Story Whole-House Sanitation Application

$99Reg $300
  • 67% Off Our Regular Price

Two-Story Whole-House Sanitation Application

$199Reg $525
  • 62% Off Our Regular Price

Our Process

Our service is a cold fogger application that will “mist” the chemical into the air in very fine particles that can cover where most people have a harder time cleaning by hand. Light switches, vents, carpet and upholstery are some examples.

Eco Clean has been using this product for several years in hospitals, Kids academies, Gyms and retirement homes.

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