Carpet Cleaning Expectations?

Carpet cleaning expectations, for some companies they would say this is the single hardest part of the job. We at Eco Clean have incredibly high carpet cleaning expectations, do you?

Eco Clean knows the reason we are there, is to take care of areas of concern. These areas of concern are always tough. With our experience, they do become easier, but the learning curve is huge. How can we meet your carpet cleaning expectations?

You might think the carpet cleaning technician goes out to the truck and creates this magic potion. You’re close, but most of the time it’s the same chemicals for all the jobs, regardless of the area of concern being treated. By this, I mean they might be using a general spotter for all the stains in your house. This is not good by any means.

When Eco Clean arrives at your house we ask questions. This is for one reason only, the more we know about the areas of concern, the better we can treat them. There is simply no other way to create great carpet cleaning expectations. We use very specific chemicals for stains, and very specific chemicals for animal urine, and so on. By now you know that we have a bunch of chemicals on our trucks.

Did you know that chemicals can be bought in ready to use “RTU” formula or concentrate? The reason we buy our chemicals from concentrate is so that Eco Clean controls the power we can clean with. When using ready to use chemicals it can be hard to make your solution stronger or more potent if needed. When you use a concentrated pre-mix, your mixture can be made as strong or as weak as needed.

This is a two-fold win over the other carpet cleaning companies and should be something you ask when deciding to choose a company to clean your home. Why use an RTU formula when it may be too strong for your job? This is a waste, and would not be considered “Eco-Friendly” at all! In fact, it’s so far from being eco-friendly, that it might be considered as just plain wasteful. Guess what, and if you needed it stronger, then you’re out of luck. We always use concentrated chemicals, and we pride ourselves on it.  This is the most effective way to give great carpet cleaning expectations.

Eco Clean is as transparent as a company can be. We do not perform magic or lots of talks, and we especially don’t over promise. It’s very important, and some would say the most important part of our job. We do this with experience, and even testing areas before committing to removing “all the stains off the carpet” The walk through the process is detailed, and gives us the information we need to give the right advice.

With that said, Eco Clean will make every single part of your cleaning experience an especially easy one. We have packages that are most common and can save you up to 40% from the competition. We guarantee it! Watch our video on our services page.

We hope you like the new website and would love feedback. Feel free to use the contact us page, and send a quick note.

Robert Spiker
President | Operations
Eco Clean Enterprises Inc.


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