Most Effective Ways to get a Food Stain Out of your Carpet

Does the carpet in your home have food stains and in need of some heavy duty cleaning to get it looking clean and cozy again? If so, there are several ways you can clean your carpet at home. You don’t need to invest in a cleaning service or spend several hours laboring over your carpet and not seeing any results once you follow these easy tips.

Removing water based- soluble stains

Water – soluble stains such as those associated with food normally are considered the easiest to eliminate since they are vulnerable to effects of water. Here are some methods that have been proved vital to eliminate such stains:

  • Clean the stain with a paper towel or damp cloth- First, you’ll need to dab a paper towel or a washcloth with warm water. Place the paper towel or washcloth you’ve dabbed in warm water firmly over the food stain. The water should soak up the food stain that’s on your carpet. It is important you add water to performed immediately the food stain comes into contact with your carpet. If you will leave your carpet unattended for several hours or days once it comes into contact with food stain, it will be very difficult to soak up such stain since it will have already dried up.
  • Use an Effective non- bleach detergent – A white vinegar or an effective non- bleach detergent from your local store can quickly remove any carpet stains. You can add a quarter teaspoon of white vinegar or non- bleach detergent and mix it with 32 oz. of water over the affected stain.
  • Create an ammonia and water mixture – To remove a more persistent stain you should add one tablespoon of ammonia with one cup of water and then blot it over the stain. If this solution doesn’t work effectively, try a mixture with one-part chlorine and five parts water.

Once your cleaning solution is in the stained area of your carpet, replace the dishcloth with another paper towel in order to blot the stain. The solution will pick up the stain and make the blotting more effective when applied the second time. If you don’t notice a difference in the stain, you can use a large amount of baking soda on your carpet and let it sit there for approximately 30 minutes and then vacuum your carpet. This is known as compound cleaning and is an eco-friendly way to effectively remove tough stains.

Rinsing with Warm Water

Since food stains are water soluble, using warm water on them is an ideal way you can properly deal with them. It is essential you add some warm water on the specific area on your carpet affected with food stains. Depending on the severity or size of the food stain in your carpet you are trying to eliminate, you may be required to repeat the aforementioned steps several times. Ensure you repeat the process till you notice the food stain in your carpet is completely removed.

Drying your Carpet

If you leave your carpet wet for more than a day, you will associate it with the risk of bacteria growing. Therefore, ensure you place your carpet in an appropriate place whereby it can receive direct sunlight and be able to dry as soon as possible. You can as well use a bath towel or hair dryer to dry the affected location to your satisfaction.

Other Alternative Ways of Removing Food Stains from your Carpet

Seeking for Aid Online

When your carpet is affected by food stains, you can find suitable cleaning solutions online. Search ways of eliminating food stains on a carpet, and several DIY cleaning solutions to adhere to will be offered. However, make sure you follow food stain removal methods being offered on legitimate sources so as to avoid causing more damage on your carpet than good.

Considering Services of a Carpet Cleaning company.

In case you’ve utilized all the methods of food stain removal on carpet but you the stain persists, it’s recommended you seek for services of any reliable carpet cleaning pro in your area. A carpet cleaner will apply top-notch equipment and skills and ensure your carpet is as clean as when it was purchased.