Preparing for carpet cleaning?

Preparing for carpet cleaning? It’s not hard and these little tips can save you a lot of extra work. Most of the time it’s a lot less than what the customer thinks they should do. They over prepare 7 out of 10 times? We know that you really want to get the best cleaning you can. This is why you go to the extremes and might “over do it” when you are preparing for carpet cleaning.

When Eco Clean Carpet and Tile Care arrives at your appointment, there are countless times when so much has been prepped. Did it all need to be done?  It’s horrible to let customers know this all didn’t need to be moved, so we wrote this instead.

We want you to have the best experience with the least amount of inconvenience. To accomplish this goal, we need your help in doing a little preparation for your cleaning visit…

    • Vacuum your traffic areas before we arrive, if possible.
    • Remove breakable items such as tabletop lamps and brick‐a‐brack during the cleaning process. Our liability insurance does not allow us to handle these items or to move furniture with breakables in place.
    • Remove as many small pieces of furniture as possible, such as dining chairs, ottomans, and small tables from the areas you plan to have us clean. Your technician will be glad to help move light furniture at no extra charge, such as dining room chairs. Your cooperation helps us do a better job for you. We also would appreciate the floors to be free of personal items, toys, books, etc.

During the pre‐cleaning inspection, please tell our technician about any cleaning concerns that you may have, particularly those regarding spots or stains. If possible, tell the technician what caused the stain or spot. The cleaning technician assigned to your job is trained in specialized spotting procedures. He or she can evaluate spots and make appropriate recommendations.

  • Please let your family pets know that our technicians will not bite! We would appreciate mutual consideration! Pets need to be secured or gated away from the area to be serviced. We accept no responsibility for pets getting loose, as your door will be open (to allow for hoses) during your cleaning. We will not enter your home if no one is present and dogs are loose. Please make arrangements for your pets prior to our arrival.
  • Secure floor length draperies on the windowsill or drapery rod using hangers. This procedure prevents the fabric from directly contacting damp carpets during cleaning and drying, kindly perform this function prior to our arrival.]

Exceptions to these steps would be different if you have animal urine being removed. To make it very clear and without confusion. Please make sure all areas of animal urine are cleared with at least a two-foot radius.

We might need larger areas for different methods of exaction. When Eco Clean arrives at your house we will help with the details of preparing for carpet cleaning with animal urine. We give it our approval to make sure your items are safe and dry.

Because animal urine is so common, but also so different and unique. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.  We have replaced entire rooms of carpet and pad because the urine was that heavy. In most cases following the detailed instructions will make this a quick and enjoyable experience leaving you with the best experience possible.


Preparing for carpet cleaning

Preparing for carpet cleaning